What State Should You Devote Your Next EDM Vacation To?

It’s pretty easy to find and connect with people that share the same love for EDM as you do, but have you ever imagined making those connections from across the country? In America, participating in the EDM lifestyle stretches from the west all the way to the east coast. If you’re looking to travel out of your hometown for some new rave surroundings, looking into other states may just be for you!

Get down and dirty in Las Vegas, Nevada when it comes to your favorite music festivals. Being one of the places where EDM is most popular, you’re bound to meet new people, hear amazing artists, and be able to show off that new outfit. Known for its party scene, Vegas has nightclubs and even sponsored pool parties where you’ll be able to live out your EDM dreams. 

Ever been to Chicago, Illonois? Well, if you haven’t, you may just have to take a trip (and if you have, what’s another?). Alongside some of the most well-known music festivals including Lollapalooza and North Coast Festival, you can find most clubs open 7 nights a week. Listening to music from around the world in such a vibrant party scene? Sign me up!

Just in case you haven’t heard, Miami, Florida is somewhere all EDM lovers should have on their “go to” bucket list. Home of some of the best homes for an EDM lifestyle, Miami is full of life wherever you decide to spend your trip. Music festivals... dance clubs...what's not to love?

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