RICO Takes His Own Spin On “So Good” by Halsey, and It Really Is “So Good”

Taking an already hit song and putting your own personal spin on it could be risky, but RICO, aka Richard Holzhauer did exactly this, and completely crushed it. The new additions to Halsey’s “So Good” induce good vibes and immediate dancing. 

RICO is able to take a hit and transform it into almost a brand new mix, remixes including names like Justin Bieber, The Chainsmokers, Meduza, etc. With this new remix using “So Good” by Halsey, the added uplifting chord progressions and beat drops take this once melancholy sung track into an absolute dance party.

Halsey revealed that this song is actually about realizing you should have been with your best friend that was always there for you back in the day, which is definitely a touchy subject for some. However, RICO’s spin on this hit takes it to the next level of fun.

By clicking the link below, you can see what else RICO has been up to. Founder of Heartbeat Lyfe, he stays busy with keeping the people involved in the EDM lifestyle. Need a pick-me-up? Something to help you to relax? Want to take your EDM experience to the next level? RICO’s take on “So Good” by Halsey will have you dancing for hours, and you may even want some products from below to channel your inner EDM. Trust! 



RICO · Halsey - So Good (RICO Remix)
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