Hidden Concert Ticket Fees May Not Be So Hidden Anymore

Have you heard? The New York legislature has passed a bill that bans the included hidden fees in concert and festival tickets. It’s currently awaiting the Governor's signature. Soon, ravers may not have to worry about where some of their money is going when buying their next set of tickets. 

According to the bill, the final price will need to be stated upfront, which puts an end to the abundance of fees and hidden add-ons that come with the stressful ticket purchasing process. Those who participate in the EDM lifestyle will now have less to stress about. These events are supposed to be fun, but worrying about where your money is going could really put a damper on these plans. With an upfront price, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is the outfit you plan to wear! 

It seems as though these fees will not be taken away, rather they will be more thoroughly explained. The people deserve to know what they’re paying for. Even with these fees still existing, the whereabouts of the mystery money will hopefully be known soon. Customers less weary of what they’re paying for contributes to a smooth sailing event. Less questions, less stress! 

However, hold your breath ravers. Although expected to be, this bill needs to be signed by July 1st, 2022 in order for it to become effective. Let’s hope!

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