EDM Star Martin Garrix Said To Be Collaborating With Marvel In Upcoming Video Game

Are you a fan of EDM? Are you a fan of EDM who also happens to be a fan of the Marvel franchise? If so, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Martin Garrix, an EDM icon, is said to be working alongside Marvel in order to produce content for a soon to be announced video game. 

If you know music, you know Martin Garrix. You don’t need to be an EDM mega-fan to know how good his tracks are. His career has been expanding to other platforms and lifestyles, and clearly, gaming is his next stop. 

Not giving much information, Garrix is quick to leave us wondering. We have not been told a name for the game he’s been working on, or even to say if he’s going to be voicing a character or not. However, all we need to know right now is that the collaboration is happening. What’s not to be excited about? 

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