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5 Pack | 100mg CBD Pre-Rolls

5 Pack | 100mg CBD Pre-Rolls

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Our 5 Pack Elektra Kush CBD Pre-Rolls bring the good vibes to our fellow smokers.100% USDA Organic Flower. Grown in the USA. High and rich with natural terpenes. Noadditives or pesticides. No nicotine or tobacco. No trim or shake. Rolled up in 100% natural papers.    

Ingredients: All Natural Hemp Flower

Strain: Elektra Kush

Quantity: 5 Premium Pre-Rolls

Size: 1G

Amount: 100+ MG OF CBD @ 15%  Per Pre-Roll


This product may cause lung cancer. Our products are not intended or marketed to treat or prevent any disease or symptoms of any disease. Consult your doctor before you use hemp products, especially if you take any medication. Do not use it while pregnant, nursing, or when diagnosed with a health condition. At Heartbeat Lyfe,  we do not make any medical claims with CBD/THC products. These products are not regulated by the FDA. This is not a marijuana  product. Contains less than 0.3% THC.

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