FaQs General Information Our Hearbeat Lyfe Family is our biggest priority! We want to assist them in finding answers to questions and to resolve common concerns promptly. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. 

Why Choose Heartbeat Lyfe? Heartbeat Lyfe is all about the Festival Lifestyle! From the crowd to the main stage, from the performers to the fans, the festival lifestyle is an intense experience on the body and mind. By manufacturing our own products, we produce natural, stress relieving, fatigue receiving products that allow you to focus on what matters most – Enjoying yourself! Our lab certified, Non-GMO, whole plant botanical extract contains many compounds that work together to produce the best result. We know you will love our product so you can prepare, enjoy, and recover from the festival lifestyle! We guarantee the good vibes or your money back! 

How Can I Find Out About Promotions? Our promotions are located on our website, heartbeatlyfe.com, Facebook, and Instagram with the handle @heartbeatlyfe. You can also sign up on our website to receive emails and more good vibes! 

Can I Fail A Drug Test? The THC levels in our CBD products are very minimal and should not trigger a bad result. We do not guarantee a positive or negative drug test. Everyone is different and some can pass or fail. Take at your own risk! 

Where Can I Find Lab Results? Our products’ COAs can be found in each individual product page. 

What Makes Heartbeat Lyfe Stand Out From Other Products? Most companies use “isolate” also known as an isolated compound from the rest of it’s natural family from the hemp plant. At Heartbeat Lyfe we use the whole plant extract, which allows us to use the full spectrum of the ingredients that naturally occur in these types of plants. Instead of using one isolated compound, we use a whole spectrum of compounds for the best, most potent results! 

Where Is Your Hemp Sourced From? Our hemp is sourced from organic grown farmers and certified extractors.

When Can I Expect To Receive My Order? Once orders are placed, we do our best to ship the same day or the following day. Delivery ranges from 2-4 business days, but may vary due to postal service delays.”] 

What If Something Is Wrong With My Order? We are all about our Heartbeat Lyfe Family! If you notice any problems or defects with the product when you receive it, we are happy to exchange or return it for no additional cost. Please contact us at hearbeatlyfe@gmail.com for more information on replacements and returns for defective merchandise.