A warm welcome into a new world of festival innovation, The Showdega.

And those are the words you would have heard at In My Elements, the second installment of a music retreat held at a summer camp in Pennsylvania. Inside a theater house on the site, was Rawb Lane’s Showdega – a brand new concept that blends a classic New York City style bodega with a uniquely built Broadway show production.

What happens at the Showdega? Anything and everything in which anyone can perform! During the day, the store ran with festival-goers buying ice and noodle bowls; while the Showgirls crew hosted Crafter Hours for those looking to channel their inner creativity. When the sun had set, the stage was set for bonafide rounds of karaoke in all genres of music. On the final night, as the rain fell and the stages were shut…The BodegaBoys came to the partiers’ rescue with an unadulterated renegade DJ set that kept grooving until the sun came up.

Throughout the weekend, some artist favorites would stroll on in to see what the commotion was all about. If you entered the Showdega at the right moment, you would have been greeted by Sacha Robotti or the Desert Hearts gentlemen themselves: Lee Reynolds and Porky!

Along with all the shenanigans, there were special events held at the Showdega of the most unique nature. A talent show, a show tunes session, emo night, and even an entire wedding of a lovely couple were all just some of the experiences found nowhere else…except at the Showdega.

Whether you were in need of a toothbrush, a snack, or a simple smile…the Showdega had it all. There was even a secret menu that carried delicious snacks from around the globe, as well as Heartbeat Lyfe CBD gummies and brownies!

Want to experience the magic of the Showdega? Stop by at Knickerbocker Market in Bushwick, Brooklyn (@knickerbockermarket, 96 Knickerbocker Ave) and be sure to say hello to Rawb Lane before you read the delicious menu of Cash Only BBQ!

For more information on how this festival was produced and coordinated safely, please check out this article by Forbes.

From the Showdega, to two part testing to make sure everyone stays safe…we truly are entering a new world of partying.

Photo courtesy of @offbrandproject & @rawblane

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