2020 has been a crazy year for all of us. The United States have never been more divided. The COVID-19 outbreak is about to have a second wave. It is unclear when businesses will return to normal - if at all. Artists are among those struggling the most, whose income came predominantly from touring and performing.
There is definitely a sound to what's going on in the world - and Tommie Sunshine is bringing that to light with a new moody & emotional record label called Brooklyn Blue. Tommie wears many hats, and a full time activist is the one he wears most proudly. Brooklyn Blue is inspired by the current, upside downtempo state of the world. It is also a protest to music itself, having no dance beatsno pop hooks, and no boundaries - a turn away from mainstream music. Their artists are truly artificially unafraid.
Brooklyn Blue is dedicated to Tommie's dear friend & collaborator Stefan Pruett [also known as The Guidance] who passed away earlier this year of heart failure. The Guidance was ecstatic for the idea of Brooklyn Blue, and made 3 full length EPs for the label. Tommie plans to have Stefan's legacy live on through every Brooklyn Blue record.

Today is Brooklyn Blue's first release which is an EP called Mirror by The Always People. It's 8 tracks of blown out synthesizers playing moody but beautiful chord progressions. The sounds chosen by The Always People puts you in another dimension, and gives you the feel of a sci-fi movie from either 1980 or 2080!

If you like what you hear, you can look forward to more blurry tunes on Brooklyn Blue releasing every other Tuesday.
Check out the Mirror EP by The Always People in the link below.



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