[Throwback Thursday] Daft Punk - Homework [1997]

Here at Heartbeat Lyfe we are all about the music, the culture and history that goes in to the festival lifestyle. I would like to start a Throwback Thursday Series where once a week we dive in and dissect and older album, song, or artist in general. As a producer, I've been super in to hardware synthesis lately. The Korg Monologue and Roland TR-6s are on my holiday Wishlist.

Who better to start with for a Throwback Thursday than Daft Punk - Specifically the album Homework from 1997. I have the speakers turned up to Homework as I write this article. Me new found love for hardware synthesis really made me appreciate this album. Homework is the perfect example of less is more. There songs have such little amount of elements going on at once, that you can probably count them on one hand. It is the way the the arrangement is orchestrated that keeps the song forever interesting. It is all about keeping one selected element on loop while bringing supporting elements in and out. They continue this unpredictable pattern over and over. The vibes of his album range from clean and funky to hard and distorted, sometimes even crossing over in the same track. It sounds like some tracks include drums from the TR-909 while others feature live recorded drums or samples from live recordings. The vocals are short and sweet but the way they are processed, panned, and layered makes them far from simple. You cant mention's Daft Punk's techniques without showing some love to their use of the vocoder.

Overall I would say Homework is a great place to start with out Throwback Thursday Series. With influences from disco, indie, and breaks, this album is wild, funky, and fun. I am looking forward to checking out some more classic records. Listen to Homework in the link below.

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