San Holo Drops New Single bb u ok?

To finish off 2020, San Holo with blessed us with a new single entitled bb u ok? San Halo let his new fans know he is taking his sound to a new level, where he stated "it's time for a new chapter" on his Instagram.

Releasing on his record label bitbird, bb u ok? features all of San Holo's signature techniques. It's got the hip hop influenced drums. It's got the dreamy, atmospheric synth pads. It's got the vocal chops. My favorite part of the song is the incorporated guitar that begins the song.

Being on a house music-kick lately, this track is super refreshing to hear. I love melodic music that incorporates real instruments. San Holo is a staple name for feel good music. Overall, this track was beautifully done. San Holo is a a great example of an artist that knows how to expand on his solid sound set. I am definitely looking forward to hearing more San Holo Music in 2021. Check Out bb u ok? in the link below.

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