Lubelski Drops Things That Matter Most EP

We just found out about Instrumentalist, DJ, and producer Lubelski and we are HOOKED. With enough tracks to play to a full set of his own music, we have been digging deep into the Lubelski catalog.

Lubelski is known for using analog gear, sampling vinyl records, and his psychedelic sound design. His tracks incorporate real world sounds and atmospheres. His tracks always have wacky leads to make his productions stand out from the rest. The vocals in his tracks are always catchy, whether it be from the wittiness of the lyrics, the creative vocal chops, or experimental chants. Lubelski thrives off of simple, but impactful music production. He take's the less-is-more approach, having his tracks evolve over time instead of jamming a ton of sounds at the listener at once. This hypnotic technique keeps his tracks fresh and the listeners hooked.

Lubelski is never short for releases. In 2020 alone, he's dropped many EP's on Labels such as Dessert Heart Records, DIRTYBIRD, Gruuv, Club Bad and many others. He's also released records on Nervous, Sweat It Out!, and Anabatic. One of his craziest records is Wind Pipe. He incorporates some type of throat-synthesized sound that builds up throughout the track. It is super clever and definitely TRIPPY.

This month Lubelski dropped the Things That Matter Most EP on Music to Dance To Records. This four track EP focuses heavily on his live music & sample based technique of music production. Its got wooden percussion. Its got soul samples. Most importantly, it's got FUNK. It literally has a record called The James Brown Track.

Lubelski is great. His musical message is nothing but good vibes with the intention to keep the people dancing. From the looks of it Lubelski definitely got an arsenal of music lined up for the future. For now, Check out the Things That Matter EP in the link below.

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