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With 2020 being the way it is, there is no doubt we can all use a good laugh. Many artists are adapting to the COVID-19 situation by doing ‘Virtual DJ Sets’. This is a way to stay connected with their fans, and reinforce their brands. Artists now have the opportunity to perform out of their comfort zone. They can even play music they wouldn't typically play in a set. Though this is keeping the fans in good spirits, artists are still struggling. DJs aren't making nearly the same amount of income they were from touring and performing live. This has artists ready to hop on any live festival opportunity they can get.

While we wait for live events to fully come back, the least we can do is reminisce the good ol' days. With that being, here are this past week's Festival Memes of Week.

Bad Trip Spongebob

Spongebob is full of meme content. This "winded" Spongebob photo has been used for countless memes. With a psychedelic twist, Spongegbob is taking a minute from what looks like an intense trip. Please remember to be responsible when attending music festivals. Always be there to lend a helping hand to a fellow raver in need! Check Out @festivalist For More Memes https://www.instagram.com/p/CFvMxDNAgKS/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

 DJ Dicaprio

Here we have the Leonardo Dicaprio smirk meme which is getting more and more popular. DJs want to party too. Cut them some slack, and even do a virtual shot with them via their DJ stream. Follow @_technonation_ For More Techno Based Memes. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFmiH71A-bq/ 

Drive In Moshpits

It's time to adapt. With the return of fully functional live events being unclear, we have to be thankful with what we can get - Drive-In Festivals. This vintage take on events are starting to get more and more popular in the United States. Although you can get in the pit like you would like to, it's still great to enjoy live music in this unique way. (Taken from @friskyhug) https://www.instagram.com/p/CGU5R14HHWq/


 Techno Cotton Eyed Joe

Last but not least we have Techno Cotton Eyed Joe. Once you hear it, you cant hear it. With its hypnotizing melody, its fast paced kick drum, and folkish violin, the Cotton Eye Joe really can be mistaken for a techno banger(Taken from @kaossociety) https://www.instagram.com/p/CGYjPaxpkcX/

We hope you enjoyed this past weeks memes. Please us a follow @heartbeatlyfe for more festival content. Be sure to check out heartbeatlyfe.com for our Heartbeat Lyfe Hemp Extracts.

Featured Image: EDC/Insomniac

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