Heartbeat Lyfe's Daft Punk Tracks You Shouldn't Miss

As a producer that's been dabbling in hardware synthesis, I've been more of a Daft Punk fan than ever. I have been super into their well thought out song arrangement in combination with what sounds like crazy improv synth sessions. Although the list of Daft Punk masterpieces can go on forever here is a list of some Daft Punk hits and deep cuts throughout their entire career.

1) Da Funk
Something about this track makes me feel like the coolest person in the world. From the riff, to the tempo, to the drums. I
just want to walk the streets in style.

2) Phoenix
This track is an all around good vibe French house tune.

3) Rollin & Scratchin'
This title is pretty self explanatory. Daft Punk is known for their groovy tunes, as well as their super edgy experimental tracks. This record goes balls to the wall.

4) Rock'n Roll
This record is also in the balls to the walls category. I appreciate this track because it is one of those tracks that it looks like they had fun with making it on the fly.

5) Oh Yeah
I love the blown out drums on this track. This record also reminds of Sophie's productions.

6) Digital Love
This track is a feel good summer vibe. You can also see great use of their famous vocoder technique.

7) Robot Rock
This is another self explanatory track. It is a great hybrid between rock and electronic music.

8) Technologic
This track is all about the vocal phrase. This vocal loop has been sampled and remixed over and over again, but nothing quite beats the original.

Daft Punk's catalog is an endless list of different vibes, styles, and sounds. Their music truly takes you on an electronic journey. These are some our favorites, but we recommend checking out all of their great albums. We wish them the best on their individual futures.

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