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She calls it Freak House! Seattle native, Minør has blessed us with this month's Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix! Minør's melodic side comes from being exposed to soulful music at a young age. While being a fan of Stevie Wonder, Janice Joplin, and many other Motown artists, her musical interests did a full 180 as she started to grow. This includes influences from punk rock, alternative, and even grunge.

Writing music at a younger age Minør finally put a name to her electronic tracks in 2013. With mentors like experimental producer LEViT∆TE, and bass house producer Bloodtone she started mastering her production, sound design and branding.

She has now gained support from artists like Slatin, Dr. Fresch, Bijou, CID and many Others. While getting the attention of label boss Tommie Sunshine over the past few years, Minør is now one of Brooklyn Fire Records biggest not-so-secret weapons. Through Minør growing music community based in Seattle, Minør does a great deal cosigning artists' music to Brooklyn Fire Records on a weekly basis. Many of the Brooklyn Fire Records 2021 releases are thanks to Minør 's great findings. Be sure to be on the look out for many Minør's own releases on Brooklyn Fire this year as well!

Minør is a self proclaimed freak with a mission to leave no freak behind! Starting in 2018, Minør and six fellow DJ's curated the Seattle based collective SUB 49. Its edgy and hard hitting four on the floor music from the Pacific North West. As a way to raise spirits, SUB 49 has been hosting livestream DJ sets on twitch throughout the pandemic.

Let's talk about this guest mix! Its dark, moody, and groovy all in one! With heavy influences from breaks, rave, bass house, and even rap, this mix is definitely for the late night crew. However, she doesn't let the intensity overpower her melodic side. It's got emotional breakdowns spread through out, including an interlude in the beginning. Although Minør provided us with a track list, you will have to wait to stream many of the songs as this mix is predominantly Minør ID's!

With every guest mix we look for artists that are pushing boundaries and making waves. Minør did just that! From her wardrobe to her music she is one in a million, and despite her dark aura has a very bright future ahead!

"This is Minør. This is Freak House"
Check out The Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix featuring Minør in the link below. You can also check out Minør's own tracks in our Heartbeat Lyfe Playlist

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