Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix [Charlie Chill B2B CONCEPT]

Born in Beirut. Raised in Brooklyn. Soon to be worldwide. Charlie Chill has taken a journey through different worlds, many genres, & endless possibilities.

Before ever touching any buttons or knobs, Charlie's musical journey started with headphones and the radio. The beat took over his young mind when he discovered a love for hip-hop & R&B. It was at 13 years old when he started creating mashups on Audacity. By the age of 14, Charlie got his hands on DJ equipment and began to mix live. In 2012 came the EDM Boom in the United States. Charlie went from a DJ to a member of the crowd at some of the most legendary shows that have graced NYC. This habitude has transformed the taste of Chill’s music over and over again through a multitude of genres. Charlie Chill continues to expand on his influences as he travels through cities, DJ's festivals, and attends after parties.

As a DJ, Charlie Chill invites you to take a trip through consciousness by entering his portal of infinite sounds. He delivers frequencies to your ears that will upgrade your world & elevate your mood. For Charlie, versatility is key. Jumping from genre to genre is a natural state. Change is the only constant in Charlie's Universe.

Charlie Chill split a part of his personality into an underground project - CONCEPT. CONCEPT is how Charlie Chill can express the universe into his own tracks. Most people look to music as an escape from their “real” worlds. CONCEPT uses the universe to create his music. When Charlie Chill and CONCPET combine, the passion flairs from behind the booth, and the great vibes become contagious.

“When I press play, I am sharing my perspective of life with those listening; so they may express themselves with movement and pure love. This is what music is all about. In the thrill of knocking beats and moving feet, happiness is found. Welcome to my universe.” - Charlie Chill AKA CONCEPT

There is no better way to start the Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix than having the honor of featuring Charlie Chill and his split personality - CONCEPT. This mix is is the perfect representation of a Charlie Chill and CONCEPT back to back set. It is a 50 minute collection of Charlie Chill's favorite tracks. It is deep. It is Wonky. It is Psychedelic. It is Sacred. Not only is the song selection as unique as it gets, but the order they're mixed is sure to take you on a sonic ride. Set around the four on the floor genres , Charlie Chill & CONCEPT display some of the finest tech house, house, modular house and techno. Though it may be hard to get a hold of him for long, you can find Charlie bouncing around the cities of the east coast. Charlie Chill is a member of the Heartbeat Lyfe Family, and we will continue to document what he has cooking up. For now, check out the very first Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix and Enjoy the rideeeee.

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