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At Heartbeat Lyfe we have come to start 2021 off with a BANG, releasing our first guest mix of the year featuring DOMii. The North Carolina resident may seem fresh to the game, but has already achieved so much. DOMii has taken her contributions to dance music beyond djing and producing. She is the curator of Girls Room & House Work. Girls Room is a party created and curated by queer women for everyone. At her parties she has played along acts such as Diskull, Joel Cruz, Kate Garvey, and many more
DOMii's music knowledge runs deep. As a DJ she was crowned the 2019 CLT Dj Champion. CLT is a competition based out of Charlotte, looking for the best of the best, ranging from hip hop to electronic music, to finger drumming and turntablism. As a producer she joined forces with fellow producer On Deck where they created B!tch Be Cool. As B!tch Be Cool, they have released music on labels such as Brooklyn Fire, Ghetto Ghetto, Night Moves and More. Their remix of Billie Eilish "Bad Guy" had a heavy rotation in Diplo's Revolution and reach #1 on The BPM Countdown on Sirius XM Radio.

Today we are here to listen to DOMii, her influences, and her collaborations. When we reached out DOMii to record a guest mix for Heartbeat Lyfe, we told her "the weirder, the better" - and girl did she deliver! This mix is all about the swung drums, wonky percussion and dirty basslines. DOMii's sets are more then just music. Her sets contain a witty personality as if each track she selects has and intentional time and place for her mix.

We couldn't ask for a better way to start our 2021 Guest Mix Series. Domii is a power house filled with knowledge, talent, and activism. Check out the Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix featuring DOMii in the link below. You can also check out DOMii's own tracks in our Heartbeat Lyfe Spotify Playlist.

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