Deadmau5 Drops New Single With Kiesza

This past week, two powerhouse musicians collaborated where their musical worlds collided for the first time. Entitled Bridged By A Lightwave, Deadmau5 produced the instrumental and Kiesza wrote and sang the lead vocals for the song.

You may know her from her biggest record Hideaway, the lead track of her Sound of a Woman Album, containing 250 million streams on Spotify. Kiesza has a diverse range of vocal styles for electronic music. She has the epic uplifting style. She has the party, house vocal hook style. She even has the indie dance and pop style. But the typical Deadmau5 vocal track is something we have never seen from her before. It's safe to say Kiesza nailed the track on the head, delivering sonically relaxed vocals with elevating lyrics. Like most of Deadmau5 's vocal collaborations, Bridge By a Lightwave is a feel good progressive track that takes you on a late night drive out of this world.

As far as the production goes, this is everything a nostalgic Deadmau5 fan would want to hear. It has Deadmau5's famous chord progression. It has the arpeggiated plucks. It has the rhythmic metal percussion. It has the string breakdowns. It has the electro bass.

Deadmau5 is known to experiment with new musical styles and production techniques with every album. However, this record is sure to take you back to the Random Album Title and For Lack Of A Better Name days of Deadmau5. In case you can't get enough, they also dropped an alternative mix to give you some more of that "mau5" sound. They even dropped a video, showing the two performing the track together at Deadmau5's recent drive-in shows. You'll also hear the song in the advertisements of mau5traps merchandise collaboration with Infinite Future Gear.

Deadmau5 once again took a fresh sound and successfully blended it with his own. You can check out all versions of Deadmau & Kiesza - Bridge By A Lightwave in the link below.

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