CamelPhat & Green Velvet Start 2021 With CRITICAL Collab

At Heartbeat Lyfe we are here to spread good vibes in 2021 - That means a lot of HOUSE MUSIC. What better way to to start the new year than with a first time ever collaboration by two house music greats. That's Right - fresh off their 2020 Dark Matter Album, UK heavy hitters, CamelPhat teamed with Chicago house phenomenon Green Velvet. The new single entitled Critical just dropped on Ministry of Sound Records.

Starting of with classic Green Velvet vocals, you are are sure to be ready to dance the night away. With catchy lyrics repeating the phrase "lift me up, take me up, higher", the track immediately takes you to a higher ground. The percussion on this track leaves little time to rest those legs on the dance floor. Being driven by shakers and high hats, the vocals, rhythmic synths and bass come in and out, leaving the listeners mesmerized.

CamelPhat & Green Velvet did not disappoint. We sure hope, that this is a "first of many" new found collaboration. This is definitely a Critical track to any DJ's set this year. Check CamelPhat + Green Velvet - Critical in the link below. For more music like this, check out our Heartbeat Lyfe Spotify Playlist also below.

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