July 6, 2021 Posted by Richard Holzhauer Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix | Collin Oliver

It’s time for another Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix – This time featuring the young, up & comer Collin Oliver. From Long Island, Collin is already making waves WORLDWIDE. Collin’s musical endeavors began in 2018 when he and his father (now manager) attended Amsterdam Dance Event. There he was able to spread the word on his goals, ambitions and even the Collin Oliver sound that he was starting to coordinate. As a producer, the Collin Oliver sound comes from Disco/Funk, House and Future House with some powerful vocals to give the complete the track with a HUGE festival feel. Signed to Brooklyn Fire, his influences can be heard in his collaboration with Label Boss and mentor Tommie Sunshine. Together their record titled Help Me has over 1 million streams globally. For such a young man in the music business, Collin has an incredible music knowledge. He displays this in the various radio stations he has been featured on including, 88.9 Radio Milwaukee, Flight 935 Miami, and NYC House Radio to name a few. His own weekly radio show Ripple Effects is growing bigger with every episode, already being aired in 10 different countries. Time for the Hearbeat Lyfe Guest Mix. This mix is takes you back in time with the feel of Funk, Disco and French House – however – these are all fresh, new tracks picked by Collin. 60 minutes long, this mix is straight up fun, dance party vibes. As a diverse DJ, Collin did a great job showing off a few of his many desired tastes and genres. Check out The Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix featuring Collin Oliver in the link below, as well as his original tracks. For more of the Collin Oliver sound be sure to check out his show Ripple Effects. Be sure to check out our CBD & Delta 8 Products For The Festival Lifestyle, and use Promo Code: COLLIN20 for 20% off your purchase.

January 24, 2021 Posted by Richard Holzhauer New York, RICO discovered the PLUR lifestyle

What Is Heartbeat Lyfe? –

The Festival Lifestyle! Heartbeat Lyfe –  The Festival Lifestyle

As a raver from suburban New York, RICO discovered the PLUR lifestyle when he attended his first electronic music festival, Electric Zoo. He immediately became a fan of the music, the community, and the good vibes. He then attended Webster Hall on a weekly basis. Starting his night in the basement,  he would bounce between every floor learning the ins and outs of the music scene. After forming a circle of up & coming artists, he and his friends decided to throw their own monthly shows in the heart of Williamsburg. Creating Visions NYC, they booked the biggest bass artists in the industry. This included names like Flosstradamus, 12th Planet, Virtual Riot, Trampa, and Barely Alive taking the decks. His love for the music inspired him to start DJing & producing his own tracks. While experimenting with different styles and aliases, he received support from mainstage names like

May 3, 2021 Posted by Richard Holzhauer Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix | Groove Baby

It’s time for the May Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix – This time featuring Groove Baby! Born in Los Angeles, Groove Baby has carried her DJ career throughout the United States where she now holds it down in the city of Boston. Starting out in 2015, Groove Baby quickly honed in her DJ talent as she made it to the top 30 of Tiesto and 7UP’s “Your Shot USA” Dj Competition. From there on she became a full time DJ, with a residency at 305 Fitness. No stranger to the festival world, Groove Baby headlined stages at Equinox Music & Arts Festival and Frequency NYE 2020 For Therefore Records. She frequently plays as the supporting act for the biggest Artists to come to Boston.

Her main influences come from 90’s and 2000’s dance music, soulful tech house, and the vibe of Latin drums. Stepping into the producer world, her original song Hella Yella pays homage to her early 2000’s Eurodance influence. There’s only one way to describe this guest m

August 4, 2021 Posted by Richard Holzhauer 'Heartbeat Lyfe Radio' Gold Mozae

Heartbeat Lyfe radio returns, this time with a guest mix by Gold Mozae. Living in Puerto Rico, but touring all over the United States, Gold Mozae, brings the energy, fun, and good vibes to the some of the hottest clubs and now festivals nationwide. Connecting the pop world, to the underground, Gold Mozae puts a twist on the hottest tracks, mixing them with tech house, bass house and festival bangers. Gold Mozae takes his inspirations to the studio where he produces tracks ranging from festival bangers, to moody feel-goods, to even hard hitting hip hop beats. A personal favorite of mine is his single Have It All.

This month we had the pleasure of Gold Mozae, recording a guest mix of us. He expressed his diverse range of sounds in 60 minutes. He truly brings the underground to the main stage in a way that works. As Gold Mozae continues to grow in the studio and behind the decks, its only matter of time before he comes to a city near you. Until then check out his guest mix in this Episode of Heartbeat Lyfe Radio, Hosted by Hearbeat Lyfe Founder RICO. Be sure to check out our CBD & Delta 8 Products For The Festival Lifestyle, and use Promo Code: GOLDMOZAE for 20% off your purchase.

March 15, 2021 Posted by Richard Holzhauer KAYTRANADA Sweeps

This past Sunday was the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards. This year’s show as filled with groundbreaking performances featuring the hits of Billie Eilish, a tribute to Little Richard and many more. KAYTRANADA, made a new found GRAMMY-name for himself, winning the award for both Best Dance/Electronic Album and Best Dance Recording. Both awards were won from his album BUBBA, his first album to be released since 2016. BUBBA contains all KAYTRANADA’s signature production techniques – where soul & R&B meet electronic music. With flipped samples, Rhodes keys, and wah wah pedals, KAYTRANADA bridges the gap from live music to electronic, while bringing 80’s synths and thumping 808’s. This album has a large array of vocal collaborations including Pharrell Williams & Estelle. Our Heartbeat Lyfe personal favorite is Taste, his collaboration with VanJess. KAYTRANADA did not disappoint with this 17 track album. For the smooth vibes, stream BUBBA below!

February 2, 2021 Posted by Richard Holzhauer Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix | Minør

She calls it Freak House!
Seattle native, Minør has blessed us with this month’s Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix! Minør’s melodic side comes from being exposed to soulful music at a young age. While being a fan of Stevie Wonder, Janice Joplin, and many other Motown artists, her musical interests did a full 180 as she started to grow. This includes influences from punk rock, alternative, and even grunge. Writing music at a younger age Minør finally put a name to her electronic tracks in 2013. With mentors like experimental producer LEViT∆TE, and bass house producer Bloodtone she started mastering her production, sound design and branding.She has now gained
support from artists like Slatin, Dr. Fresch, Bijou, CID and many Others. While getting the attention of label boss Tommie Sunshine over the past few years, Minør is now one of Brooklyn Fire Records biggest
not-so-secret weapons. Through Minør growing music community based in Seattle, Minør does a great deal cosigning artists’ music to Brooklyn Fire Records on a weekly basis. Many of the Brooklyn Fire Records
2021 releases are thanks to Minør ‘s great findings. Be sure to be on the look out for many Minør’s own releases on Brooklyn Fire this year as well! Minør is a self proclaimed freak with a mission to leave no freak behind! Starting in 2018, Minør and six fellow DJ’s curated the Seattle based collective SUB 49. Its edgy and hard hitting four on the floor music from the Pacific North West. As a way to raise spirits, SUB 49 has been hosting livestream DJ sets on twitch throughout the pandemic. Let’s talk about this guest mix!
Its dark, moody, and groovy all in one! With heavy influences from breaks, rave, bass house, and even rap, this mix is definitely for the late night crew. However, she doesn’t let the intensity overpower her melodic side. It’s got emotional breakdowns spread through out, including an interlude in the beginning. Although Minør provided us with a track list, you will have to wait to stream many of the songs as this mix is predominantly Minør ID’s! With every guest mix we look for artists that are pushing boundaries and making waves. Minør did just that! From her wardrobe to her music she is one in a million, and despite her dark aura has a very bright future ahead! “This is Minør. This is Freak House” Check out The Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix featuring Minør in the link below. You can also check out Minør’s own tracks in our
Heartbeat Lyfe Playlist

September 6, 2021 Posted by Muhammad Usman

Delta 8 Benefits – Feeling High From Delta-8
Delta-8, the fourth most researched cannabinoid in the world has struck the cannabis game by storm! Rising in popularity because it has become legal in most states before Delta-9 THC [The THC that gets you high from a marijuna joint] there are still many people who have still not heard of Delta-8.
Some questions you may ask yourself is what does Delta-8 Feel Like and how is it legal? As we dive in to some of the Delta 8 benefits, we will also talk about the what it feels like to be on Delta-8. The same way it is to take other hemp related products, it is important to note that everyone is different.
If you’ve tried Delta-9 THC in the past you may have a little bit of an idea of some of the feelings from Delta-8. If you don’t have any experience with Delta-9 THC, and Delta-8 is also new to you, have no fear, we are hear to help you with what you may expect.
 Delta-8 users find the feeling to be incredibly relaxing.  Though they are super chill, Delta-8 Users are still clear-headed and able to take on tasks and go about their day normally. Delta-8 puts you in tune with your energy levels and helps you focus. It makes you feel happy, and may even help with pain and fatigue. Similar to Delta-9, Delta-8 increases appetite and brings on the munchies. In addition to being productive and alert, Delta-8 still brings on intense relaxation!

These are some introductory insights on the world of Delta-8. We will continue to educate you more on Delta-8 in future articles. Until then, we hope this was enough to get you to enter the world of Delta-8!
Shop Our Delta-8 Products In The Link Below!

September 29, 2021 Posted by Richard Holzhauer

Delta-8 THC Near Me?
If you are new to buying delta-8, here are some facts that may help you choose your products.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp containing less than 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. On the federal level, products may contain higher amounts of delta-8 THC, as long as they come from hemp that doesn’t have more than 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. This is based on dry weight.

Delta-8 THC Near Me?

However, hemp plants do not produce delta-8 in large amounts. That means that delta-8 can be made by converting CBD or delta-9 THC into delta-8 THC synthetically. Synthetic delta-8 is illegal in most states, including New York. Some state laws strictly prohibit the sale of products containing both delta-8 and delta-9 THC.

Although there are a lot of great hemp companies, there are also some with poor quality ingredients. Synthesized delta-8 also adds more risk due to poor quality synthesis, and human error.

Delta-8 THC Near Me? – Heartbeatlyfe.com

At Heartbeat

April 6, 2021 Posted by Muhammad Usman

Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix | El Monk It’s time for the April Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix – This time featuring SoCal’s very own El Monk! Entering the scene in 2018, El monk has quickly thrived in the tech house community. Starting out as a rookie on DIRTYBIRD, El Monk has continued to capture the ears of a handful of labels. He has released EP’s on Admit One Records, Late Night Munchies, and House of Hustle. He’s no stranger to taking the decks he as already played festivals such as Beyond Wonderland, EDC, and AMF. He has taken his vision beyond his own sound as he has been working over time as an A&R for Spoon Fed Records and M:31 Recordings. With great pride in his city of Santa Ana, his goal is to find the best west coast tech house and industrial techno. One of the main contributions to El Monk’s success has been his determination to network and grow a community. He has been a huge asset to developing the Official DIRTYBIRD Clubhouse Chatroom. El Monk and I met on clubhouse and have talked about music, production techniques, and inspirations ever since. There is no doubt that he will soon play a major role in the music business. Let’s dive into this mix! As I tell all my musical guests “The Weirder, The Better” and El Monk did just that. This mix is 40 minutes packed with west coast basslines, 808 break beats, hip hop influenced vocals, and trippy leads, with heavy emphasis on his own tracks. This mix is for the 3 days in a tent, no cell service, nothing but fresh air and house music – raver in all of us. I couldn’t be happier to showcase El Monks talents to the Heartbeat Lyfe Family. Check out The Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix featuring El Monk the link below! Also be sure to check out our CBD Products For The Festival Lifestyle, and use Promo Code: ELMONK for 20% Off your purchase.

October 20, 2020 Posted by Muhammad Usman

Calvin Harris – Two Songs | Two Billion Streams From acid, to pop, to funk, Calvin Harris’s production skills have hit all angles of music. This week Calvin celebrates a major accomplishment in the streaming world. His two biggest records “One Kiss” With Dua Lipa and “This Is what You Came For” featuring Rihanna both hit 1 billion streams on Spotify. The records were released on Colombia Recordings, the American record Label under Sony Music. Although One Kiss, came out two years after Calvin & Rihanna’s collaboration, it surpasses the 2016 radio hit by 20 million streams. [YourEDM https://www.youredm.com/2020/10/20/calvin-harris-celebrates-his-first-two-billion-play-songs-on-spotify/] Calvin Harris is not one to stick a single genre. His open mind to collaborate with artists outside of “EDM” has only helped his streaming numbers. His top 10 records on Spotify feature artists such as Ellie Goulding, Sam Smith, and Rag’n Bone Man, all which have hundreds of millions of steams. There is no telling what Calvin’s next “sound will” be. Until then, enjoy these Calvin Harris classics in the links below.

October 14, 2020 Posted by Muhammad Usman

Tommie Sunshine Continues To Break Barriers With New Label – Brooklyn Blue
2020 has been a crazy year for all of us. The United States have never been more divided. The COVID-19 outbreak is about to have a second wave. It is unclear when businesses will return to normal – if at all. Artists are among those struggling the most, whose income came predominantly from touring and performing.
There is definitely a sound to what’s going on in the world – and Tommie Sunshine is bringing that to light with a new moody & emotional record label called Brooklyn Blue. Tommie wears many hats, and a full time activist is the one he wears most proudly. Brooklyn Blue is inspired by the current, upside downtempo state of the world. It is also a protest to music itself, having no dance beats, no pop hooks, and no boundaries – a turn away from mainstream music. Their artists are truly artificially unafraid.

February 22, 2021 Posted by Muhammad Usman

Heartbeat Lyfe’s Daft Punk Tracks You Shouldn’t Miss
As a producer that’s been dabbling in hardware synthesis, I’ve been more of a Daft Punk fan than ever. I have been super into their well thought out song arrangement in combination with what sounds like crazy improv synth sessions. Although the list of Daft Punk masterpieces can go on forever here is a list of some Daft Punk hits and deep cuts throughout their entire career.

1) Da Funk
Something about this track makes me feel like the coolest person in the world. From the riff, to the tempo, to the drums. I just want to walk the streets in style.

March 7, 2021 Posted by Muhammad Usman

Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix | Los Caribeños
It’s a new month – Which means its time for a new Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix. This month features Los Caribeños! Los Caribeños is a duo out of New York City that Brings the Caribbean to the dance music world.

They’ve remixed a wide range of artists from Drake to Virtual Self while always adding their touch of the islands. “It’s important to stick to the roots for us” – says the duo. Starting in 2018, they have gained some underground buzz in the New York Latin scene. They’ve even been featured on Pitbull’s Globalization Radio on Sirius XM.

Their inspirations come from the sounds of reggaetón and dance hall but also the sounds of electronic music. Their tracks ideas come from vibe of live shows. They emphasize that their sets are actually about dancing to the music – which to Los Caribeños is sometime missing from the shows of other musical genres.

This mix is packed energy! From hard electronic bass to the melodic motifs of live instruments, this mix is a great way to prepare for live, out door events which are hopefully around the corner!

Check out The Heartbeat Lyfe Guest Mix featuring Los Caribeños in the link below!